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The Story Revives Me

The Structure and Process of Storytelling in Professional Communications

Storytelling Crash Course with Lance: Tuesday, May 26 at 6:30pm

What I believe:

Nothing delivers content like a story.

Most professionals compromise their own communication. We settle for the mundane, the ineffective, and the uninspiring. We either don’t know how or are unwilling to be remarkable.

What I know:

We are hardwired for stories.

There is a very particular way stories are structured. This structure is universal, and specific. The structure of stories is based on the way living things process information and make decisions.

What I do:

I coach and consult professionals.

I teach people how their bottom line is improved by telling stories. The structure of a story automatically delivers why its content is important, the relevant facts, and what action should be next.

Advance your story.

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