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The Value of the L


I got some disappointing news this week. Nothing life-and-death, but definitely a blow to something I thought was more likely to happen than not. As I was sitting, and letting myself feel disappointed over my morning coffee, I started thinking about how valuable the “loss” is. The usual platitudes always come to mind, and pass […]

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I currently tutor in LA’s southern beach cities. Part of my work there is administering a series of tests to help figure out why a student is having difficulty reading. A coworker mentioned to me once that we see a lot of students that are bilingual, or are from bilingual families. At about the same […]



(Written on the road on New Year’s Eve. I originally published this on MeaningWell.) This year is drawing to a close. I’m thinking about all the ways I’m going back to places I’ve been before. As I write this, I’m on my way back to my Illinois hometown. My sister is driving us back from […]

Poems for Advent/ Adventsgedichte: December 22nd – “Much Bread Grows During the Wintertime”, by Friedrich Wilhelm Weber


A poem and translation for Advent: “Much Bread Grows During the Wintertime”, by Friedrich Wilhelm Weber (1813 – 1894) Ein Gedicht und Übersetzung zum Advent: Es wächst viel Brot in der Winternacht, von Friedrich Wilhelm Weber (1813 – 1894)